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Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems

We provide the full range of Access Control Systems suitable for all sizes & complexities of projects. We have a wide range of systems that allow for Swipe Cards, Proximity Fobs/Tags, RFID and Vehicle Number Plate Recognition. Each project is designed individually, ensuring your system is designed to your exact requirements. We work alongside Interior Designers, Architects, Building and Project Managers to ensure the system doesn’t scar the aesthetics of the property.

We’re able to provide complex Air-Lock solutions protecting ultra-secure facilities like Data Centres & Control Rooms.

Our systems can be designed to integrate into Fire Alarm Systems, so escape routes are automatically unlocked in the event of the Fire Alarm being activated.

We offer the full Service, Repair & Maintenance package. We run a fleet of well-stocked vehicles, so should your system require a new piece of equipment to get it back up and running, chances are we'd have the part required in stock, there and then. We can reset codes on keypad systems, and replace/repair broken systems.

We utilise the Paxton Access system primarily due to it’s easy of use for the end user. This system is truly scalable, and can easily handle multi-site operations.

We can supply replacement cards and fobs for any system, even systems not installed by us.

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