4K 8MP HIKVision CCTV - is it time to upgrade?

As you can tell from our website & social media pages, we're already a huge fan of the HIKVision CCTV Systems. We won't ever install a product without putting said product through some intense in-house testing first. We installed our first HIKVision system back 2 years ago on our service centre offices. We used the 2MP Full HD IP Turret Cameras and a 4 channel 7604 NVR running the H.264 Codec. It's the perfect system for up-to 4 cameras. It's easy to use, and offers the end-user a reliable mobile/tablet app. We've even found the app on some of the new Android Smart TV's!

As some of you will know, HIKVision have had the 8 Mega Pixel 4K CCTV equipment out for a while now, so we thought it was time to put the product through its paces. Our Technical Director, Jordan, can usually rip a product apart listing its flaws within a matter of minutes. Heres what he had to say;-

You can't fault the HIKVision branding, the products are truly a professional product. None of this unbranded imported rubbish I see installed by so-called professional installers. Everything is well packaged, so the end user can tell they're getting a proper CCTV installation. I've never believed in over-selling or talking-up a product, the product should be able to stand on its own merit, after all reputation is everything.

Firstly swapping the Network Video Recorder is fairly simple. I was unlucky in that our NVR was taken from a stockpile of the older series non-K versions. The new K series that we've been installing for a good while now supports the new 4K cameras without changing anything.

Swapping the camera we wanted to test was also easy, the fixing holes are even in the same place, so no need to re-drill anything. My biggest hate of a new product is when the manufacturer moves the holes, so the customer ends up with more holes drilled, potentially damaging the exterior/interior finishes. (Texecom's new bell box is a prime example of this, quite why they couldn't have made the fixings positions the same is beyond me.) Other than reprogramming the cameras settings (name, date format, motion detection areas etc) it was swapped in the matter of minutes.

I took a screenshot of the old 2MP camera on my iPhone 6s, and then one of the new 8MP 4k camera once it was swapped over. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement, the image quality is simply staggering. As you'll be able to see below, the quality is fantastic. None of this blurry, pixelled rubbish you see often on the news and TV programs like CrimeWatch.

Now the only 4K viewing device we have in the office is my iPad Pro, purely because I can't justify swapping the TV's here just yet, but with 4K becoming the new HD standard it will be more & more commonly used everywhere.

Now we get down to the most important part - the price... the NVR is already our standard fit item, so no cost difference there, although we do suggest that an upgrade of the hard drive may be required if you have a small sized unit. I always allow for expansion on all of our installations, on the basis of 1TB for each camera to give you a good 30 days of footage. I'm yet to see how great the new H.265+ Codec is for recording, but from what I've read/heard it's a real game-changer allowing more recording without increasing the size of the hard drives. The cameras aren't as expensive as I thought they would be. The RRP for the 3MP version (our standard fit item) is £137+VAT, the 8MP 4K version is £183+VAT so for the difference of £46, I can 100% say it's worth every penny!

Before screenshot from an iPhone 6S running iVMS-4500 on the 2MP IP Turret Camera from HIKVision.












After screenshoot from an iPhone 6S running iVMS-4500 on the 8MP 4K IP Turret Camera from HIKVision (DS-2CD2385FWD-I 2.8mm)












Screenshot of the above but at night with the IR running











If you'd like to discuss upgrading your system to 4K then get in touch with the team by visiting the contact us link